Seongnam, South Korea, October 1, 2020 – Humax has announced that it has entered the vehicle mobility market with a total mobility solution, including a service, device and hub platform.

The company offers a range of core technologies in the field of integrated mobility, including shared mobility, commercial vehicle fleet management, parking lot operation and EV charging, and has strategically acquired and invested in related businesses globally, including Asia and the Middle East.

In the field of shared mobility, RAiDEA, a technology developed within the Humax group, is making significant inroads into the mobility market. RAiDEA is an all-in-one mobility service platform that provides an array of services such as B2C, B2B and P2P. This technology is suitable for round trip, one way and free-floating infrastructures, and is designed for vehicles including cars, motorcycles, bikes and electric scooters. RAiDEA is currently being integrated into Korea’s most advanced business-to-business car sharing service, Humax Carplat Biz.

Humax Mobility Solutions

Humax is carrying out a variety of projects in Korea, including the supply of mobility device platforms to Socar and Green Car, two of the biggest car sharing companies in the country. It is also working with key operators in Asia and the Middle East. The Humax mobility device platform delivers significant flexibility and helps service providers enter or expand their shared mobility business through tailor-made solutions.

In the field of smart parking, RAiDEA mobility hub platform (MHP) provides a host of parking lot mobility services via a single platform. With RAiDEA MHP, parking lots are transformed into hubs that deliver a comprehensive range of mobility facilities, including parking management, shared parking, car sharing, electric vehicle charging, vehicle maintenance and car wash services.

Leveraging its RAiDEA infrastructure, Humax aims to become a global platform provider to facilitate mobility as a service (MaaS), encompassing multiple means of transportation. A cloud-based integrated mobility platform, RAiDEA can deliver various forms of service that can be quickly and easily applied, and provides flexible over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Humax also supplies commercial vehicle technology to fleet operators and offers solutions to leading companies in its main markets in North America and South America. Its fleet performance services enhance visibility, control and insight into the operation of vehicles, and are recognised in the market for responding quickly to an array of customer needs.

“Humax will be supplying total mobility services equipped with the RAiDEA mobility service platform, mobility device platform, and mobility hub platform to the global market,” said Jeff Kim, EVP of Worldwide Sales at Humax. “Not only are we delivering solutions to Korea’s largest car-sharing company, but we have also signed contracts with major car sharing operators (CSO) in the Middle East and Southeast Asia to successfully expand our mobility presence along with our existing gateway business.”

Humax is a leading provider of video and broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) and a total mobility platform provider. Its ongoing success is a result of 30 years of experience in the IT industry, aggressive investments and strategic partnerships.

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