Freesat HD TV Satellite Receiver

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Freeview -
Freesat Freesat
YouView -
Forward EPG 8 Days
Backward EPG 7 days
Recording Hours With additional plug in HDD
Pause, Record and Rewind Live TV No
Maximum Simultaneous Recording Limits 1 Rec via external HDD
Live Streaming No
Remote Record -
Remote Control App -
On-Demand BBC iPlayer, iTV Player, 4oD, Demand5, YouTube, Curzon, Netflix(Coming Soon)
Operation System

Power Supply

Power type External adaptor
Power Consumption Max 13W (Standby: under 0.5w)
Input Voltage AC 100-240,50/60Hz
Protection Separate internal fuse & lightning protection

System Resource

Flash 4Gb (512MB SLC)
RAM DDR3 1GB (512MB*2EA)
HDD No (1 Tuner PVR Ready via USB)

Video/Audio Processing

Video Decoder ISO/IEC 13818-2 MPEG-2 MP@ML (minimum bitrate of 15Mbps)
Picture Decoder MPEG2 I-Frame, JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, GIF, PNG
Output Resolution Automatic (576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
Graphics 32bpp with 256 alpha blending 1280 x 720 resolution for native UI &Web page. 3 Layers (GUI/Subtitle & Teletext/Web page)

Audio Mode

Audio Mode Single/ Dual/ Mono/ Stereo/ Joint Stereo
Audio Decoder ISO/IEC 11172-3 MPEG-1 Layer encoded audio
Dolby Digital Plus/Pulse

Front Panel

VFD Display N/A
LED Display 1 x power indicator Green 1 x Standby Red
Buttons Power
USB Port Yes

Front End (Tuner/Demodulator)

Demodulation QPSK, 8PSK
Input Connector F-Type, IEC 169-24, Female X 1
Loop Connector N/A
Frequency Range L-Band (950MHz to 2150MHz)
Signal Level -25dBmV to -75dBmV

I/O Specification

Tuner 1x SAT input
TV Scart No
RCA Out 1 x CVBS/L/R
HDMI Out 1 x HDMI 1.4 with HDCP
S/PDIF Out 1 x Optical
USB 2 x USB 2.0 (2 x Rear)
Ethernet 1 x Fast Ethernet 100BaseT (RJ45)
Wi-Fi Via USB Dongle


Quick Start Guide Yes
User Manual Yes
Remote Control Yes
Batteries 2 x AAA
Scart Cable No
HDMI Cable Yes (1.5m)
Ethernet Cable Yes (1.5m)
RF Cable -

Physical Specification

Size (W x H x D) mm 200 x 38 x 155
Weight 458g
Gift box dimensions 320 x 230.45 x 78
Gift box weight kg 1.852kg



"If you have, or plan to buy, one of Humax's HDR boxes, then the promise of multiroom functionality to come could be this receiver's big selling point. As things stand, there's enough here to make the HB-1000S worth picking up, either as a 'second room' Freesat box or an affordable introduction to the Free Time platform."


Trusted Reviews


"It’s an impressive performer…the HB-1000S is an excellent purchase. Freetime would be worth the money alone – having every catch-up TV service as part of the EPG is a godsend – but it’s backed up by loads of other features, like file streaming, online apps and USB media playback.”



HB-1000S Freesat+ HD


User Manuals

Remote Control Code List

Warranty Registration


Humax Freetime Set Top Box – TV issues
A recent upgrades to the Humax software on Freetime recorders may have left a very small number of customers with issues connecting older televisions to their Humax Freetime box using an HDMI cable. Humax and Freesat are currently investigating. For now, if you are experiencing this issue, our advice is to connect your set top box to your television with a SCART or Composite cable rather than an HDMI cable while we continue to look into the issue.

Alternatively, as with any upgrade, a version of the software is available on the Humax website to restore the set-top box to the last release.

Roll-back SW link :

Download instructions: 
1. Download and Extract the ZIP file to your PC or laptop.
2. Check the file name is “hdr1000s_upgrade.hdf” (you may need to rename the file)
3. Connect the USB memory stick to the PC / laptop and copy the file to a root folder of the USB. (Do not place the file in a folder)
4. Remove the USB memory stick from your PC or laptop and insert it to the front or rear USB connection on your Humax Freetime recorder.
5. Press and hold the Channel DOWN button/arrow on the front/top of your set top box and at the same time switch it back on at the mains or reconnect the power cable.
6. The download progress will appear on your TV screen and on the front display of your set top box.
7. When the download is completed 'END' will appear on the front display.
9. To complete the process:
 a. Remove the USB memory stick
 b. Press the Standby button on the front of your set top box.
Note: USB Pen must be formatted in FAT32
The software must be on the root directory of the USB Pen (i.e. not saved in a folder)
If the update does not start then please make sure the filename is correct (hdr1000s_upgrade.hdf)
The file you download will already have the ".hdf" extension, there is no need to add the ".hdf" extension; your Windows explorer options maybe hiding filename extensions.
Not all USB Pens will be recognised, try a different USB Pen.

Once the update has been loaded onto your unit you will need to perform a factory reset, see below:
Following these instructions will reset some system settings including your Recording Schedule (Please replace when complete to ensure you still record favourite programmes)
Any previous recorded programmes will be saved.
• Press Settings or Home on your remote.
• Move to Settings > System Settings and press OK.
• Move to Factory Default and press OK.
• Reset System will be highlighted, press OK.
• It will ask you if you are sure, highlight yes and press OK.
• It will then ask for your password, default is 0000
• The box will then reset itself.  You will then need to go through the initial setup again.