Software Release


HB-1100S Freesat HD TV Satellite Receiver


Software Details
• Application version : UKSFAC 3.01.01
• Loader version : UKSFAC 1.00
• Update date : 24 MAY 2022
• Micom version : 1.10
• Other version : N/A
• System id : 809C.7D11

Fixed issues and improvements
• BBC iPlayer issue fixed.

Download instructions:
1. Download and Extract the ZIP file to your PC or laptop.
2. Check the file name is “hb1000s_upgrade.hdf” (you will not need to rename the file or change the extension)
3. Connect the USB memory stick to the PC / laptop and copy the file to a root folder of the USB. (Do not place the file in a folder)
4. Remove the USB memory stick from your PC or laptop and insert it to the front or rear USB connection on your Humax Freetime recorder.
5. Press and hold the Channel DOWN button/arrow on the front/top of your set top box and at the same time switch it back on at the mains or reconnect the power cable.
6. The download progress will appear on your TV screen and on the front display of your set top box.
7. When the download is completed ‘END’ will appear on the front display.
8. To complete the process:
a. Remove the USB memory stick
b. Press the Standby button on the front of your set top box.

Note: USB Pen must be formatted in FAT32
The software must be on the root directory of the USB Pen (i.e. not saved in a folder)
If the update does not start then please make sure the filename is correct (hb1000s_upgrade.hdf)
The file you download will already have the “.hdf” extension, there is no need to add the “.hdf” extension; your Windows explorer options maybe hiding filename extensions.
Not all USB Pens will be recognised, try a different USB Pen.


User Manuals

Remote Control Code List

Warranty Registration


What is Freesat?
Freesat is a free to air subscription free service which provides you with access to the nations favourite selection of TV channels. To access this service, you are required to have a satellite dish installed at your home.
Which channels can I access?
There are over 200 channels available for you to select including 15 in stunning HD. To view the entire range of channels please click here:
Can I record on this device?
Out of the box this product is unfortunately not be able to record, however you can connect an external HDD to the device to enable this feature. If you are doing so, please be careful to make sure your external HDD meets the below specifications:
  • Externally Powered
  • USB 2.0 or USB 3.0
  • Between 80GB – 2TB
How many channels can I record?
With an external HDD connected you will be able to either record or watch one channel at a time.
What accessories are included?
  • x1 Remote control
  • x1 HDMI cable
  • x1 Ethernet cable
  • x1 Power Supply
  • x1 Quick Start Guide
  • Can I connect the HB to my Sky Dish?
    If you were a standard Sky+ customer, you will be able to use your existing Sky dish. If you are a Sky Q customer unfortunately your dish is not compatible.
    How many satellite cables do I need?
    Only one satellite cable is required.
    Can I connect to my WiFi?
    The HB-1100s does offer the ability to connect to WiFi.
    HB-1100S not responding to the remote
    At the top of your remote you will see two buttons labelled TV & STB, please press the STB button and then attempt to control the HB-1100S.
    Difference in volume when changing channels
    If you are switching between channels and notice SD is louder than HD or vice versa making the below adjustment should fix the issue:
  • Press Home
  • Select Settings
  • Select Picture & Audio
  • Ensure the Digital Audio Output to Stereo
  • Which On Demand players can I access?
    BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Demand5, BBC Sport, Netflix (subscription required), UKTV Play, TVPlayer, France24, Youtube, Rakuten TV (subscription required), STV Player, BBC News, Ketchup and Pop Fun.
    Channel 4 HD / All 4 On Demand Missing
    Unfortunately, on the 22nd of February 2018 Channel 4 made the decision to remove the Channel 4 HD and All4 On Demand services from the Freesat service. For more information, please contact Freesat or Channel 4 directly.
    Is Catch-Up TV available?
    Catch-Up TV is indeed available and can be accessed directly via the EPG, we also have a dedicated Showcase section to highlight he best programmes available on Catch-Up this week.
    Can I transfer my recordings to external devices?
    Due to copyright legislation this is not possible.
    Can I view my own home media?
    You can yes, this can be accessed via the HB by either USB or DLNA.
    Can the remote be programmed to control my television?
    Your remote can be programmed to control the HB, once the programming has been completed you need to use the STB & TV buttons at the top of your remote to control either the television or your set-top box.
    Can I remote record?
    With the Freesat Remote Record App available on Android & iOS devices you can set your favourite programmes to record while on the go. The app also doubles up as a remote control for when you just can’t get your hands on the remote.
    More on Using the Guide
  • The default option for the guide will always list both SD and HD channels, you can press the List button to look at specific genres within the EPG.
  • You can use the fast-forward and rewind buttons to go forward or back by 24 hours. The EPG can go up to 7 days ahead.
  • You can use the Search button on the remote to enable you to search programs both on live TV and On Demand.
  • You’re able to use the left directional button to go backwards on certain channels to catch up on content you’ve missed – a broadband connection is required for this.
  • How to Retune Your HB-1100S
    If there are any channel changes to the Freesat service your device will normally automatically update to reflect the changes, though if this has not happened for any reason you can follow the below steps to re-tune:
  • Press the Home button on your Remote and select Settings
  • Access Page 2 and select Freesat Channels (three right directional arrow presses when in Settings)
  • Select Channel Search
  • Follow the On-Screen prompts until your satellite cables have been detected and postcode verified
  • Save the results
  • Creating and Accessing Your Favorites Channel List
  • To create your Favorites channel list you will need to follow the steps below:
  • Press the Home button and select Settings
  • Access Page 2 and select Freesat Channels (three right directional arrow presses when in Settings)
  • Select Favorite channels followed by Edit favorite channels
  • Select Channels you wish to add and press Back to save
  • When you would like to view your Favorite channels, Open the EPG using the TV Guide button, press the List button and Select Favorites
    Software updates
    Software updates for the HB-1100s are done automatically via your satellite connection.
    How do I check my device is operating on the latest software?
    Please follow these steps to check your current software version
  • Press the Home button and select Settings
  • Select System Information
  • Compare the software version to the version listed on our website: